You’ve got a friend in me.

Hello everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend! It’s really rare for me to have a whole weekend off but this one just gone I did so I made sure I jam packed it full with seeing my friends!  

  On the Friday I went for a meal at harvester, it was so yummy! I hadn’t seen my friend Kieran in so long so it was lovely to catch up, after the meal we went back to his house and had a couple of cocktails but as usual our quiet night in ended up being a rather late night out! (Woopsie!) I then spent the Saturday with him doing a little bit of shopping! 

On the Sunday I went to nandos with the girls from my work. I really enjoyed this, all the girls that work there are so lovely and kind hearted!  Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a picture of my food, I was so hungry it was gone before I’d even blinked haha

 After the meal I decided to pop round my friends house. Katie is one of my closest friends and I love spending time with her. We spent the evening lounging in bed chatting away and having a good laugh! Somehow I got roped into painting her nails but I’ll let her off for that haha I ended up having such a lovely time I didn’t want to leave!   

Did you all enjoy your weekend? Let me know in the comments what you got up to! 

Thanks for reading!

Love Georgina x


Starting a new blog

Hello everyone!

My name is Georgina and this is my blog pictureperfectmakeup! Although this is a new blog I’m actually not a new blogger, I used to have a page on blogger but decided to take the leap and move over to wordpress. I love the layouts and it just seems easier to use!

So a little bit about my self I am a 19 year old girl who is obsessed with beauty. I studied beauty therapy at college and now work for The Body Shop! On this blog you will see reviews, hauls, outfit posts and also lifestyle posts, if this sounds intresting to you then please do hit that follow button!

I hope you have all had a lovely day and I will see you all in my next post!

Love Georgina